Splice/Installation:  Stereo-Optical Progress Indicators @ The LUX

an exterior visual presentation and installation series, highlighting the transformation of The LUX project

In collaboration with The LUX conversion (the renovation of a defunct office building into a groundbreaking residential living and multi-use development in downtown Wichita), Splice/Event mounted a series of exterior projection sequences on the east wall of the building, at the northwest corner of Market and First Streets.  This video art series acted as a monthly public progress update;  following the evolution of this construction site, and offering the viewer a dynamic glimpse into the constantly-changing spaces within.  The projection events celebrated the multi-disciplinary exploration of the various facets of the building process, from the practical concerns of the architects and contractors, to the inherent aesthetic qualities of the materials and structure itself.  The installations featured a street-level soundscape component, composed by Torin and Georgia Andersen.

splice1:  November 2012

Soundscape by Torin and Georgia Andersen

splice2:  January 2013

Soundscape by Torin and Georgia Andersen;  available both on-site, and on vehicle radios that were within range.