Technical information about our specialized equipment

The Matterport Pro 3D Camera uses an array of 2D and 3D sensors to quickly capture the appearance and volume of a space. It calculates interior dimensions and documents objects, colors and textures. The complete system offers unique resources to museums, cultural and educational institutions, architecture and construction firms, real estate agencies, hospitality and health facilities, and many other related industries.

For example, 3D scanned walk-throughs of an exhibit could provide museum website visitors with a very powerful sense of moving through the galleries. Construction managers can share visually rich 3D project updates as easily as logging onto the internet. Clients can monitor a project’s status, and confidently make remote design and purchasing decisions. Off-site team members experience multi-layered participation and communication opportunities.

Accurate measurements can be taken from the model, which is also easily exported to our 3D architectural software platforms, where it becomes instantly manipulatable and interactive: we can move walls and change floor treatments, assist agents to virtually stage their properties with different appliances and furniture, create construction-ready floor plans for older buildings that have lost their documentation, alter artwork layouts in a museum setting, and digitize specific artworks or artifacts into 3D object files. Still photographs can also be extracted, and annotated with measurements and comments.

For further details and information about both the camera and the online portal, please see Matterport .