s p l i c e . ART /Services

s p l i c e . ART provides museums, galleries, and all other types of exhibition spaces with a comprehensive set of value-added tools, ranging from exhibition conception and design, to documentation and archiving. Public art design, fabrication, and consultation are available upon request.

Services may include, but are not limited to:


• Curation assistance
• Website creation and development
• Multiple virtual layout options and diagrams
• High-resolution presentation image rendering, for promotion or fundraising campaigns
• Exhibition layout, including artwork, artifacts, text, interactive educational displays, logos, informational murals, etc.
• Lighting scheme options and final layout
• Initial conceptual or post-event interactive walk-through of exhibition, available to the public via an online portal that may be embedded in any website


• Industry-standard construction drawings and 3-D modelling
• Pedestal design and fabrication
• Detailed artwork hanging specifications and diagrams
• Architectural and engineering discipline coordination, technical specifications
• Graphic design
• Catalogue design and production
• Marketing and promotion
• Tag and checklist design and fabrication
• Vinyl and other text generation
• All installation services, from shipping coordination to artwork hanging
• Multi-media (video, sound, light) artwork production and installation


• Artist liaison and coordination
• Client/museum administration and contractor liaison
• Contract negotiation, between artists and/or artwork lenders and institution
• Sales
• Staff supervision
• Comprehensive documentation, both photography and video
• Website development and virtual resources

Design and Conception

Curation consultation, artwork placement, wall layout, lighting schemes and technical recommendations, pedestal design, text placement.


Text generation, vinyl cutting, technical specifications, artwork tags and checklists, graphic design, artwork or other display installation supervision.

Imagery and Renderings

High-resolution presentation-image renderings of artwork layout and display concepts, for promotional or fundraising purposes.

Archival Documentation

Professional museum-quality photographs and video, 3-D scans of exhibition space and artworks/artifacts.

Floor plan generation

Creation of floor plans for existing buildings, to an accuracy of plus or minus one inch.

3-D building scans

Exhibitions, including all artwork and non-dynamic content, commercial and residential real-estate properties. Interactive walk-throughs may be generated, publicly accessible via an online portal.


Website and virtual documentation platform development. Client-ready resource packages.