*splice [splaɪs]

vb (tr)

1. to join (two ropes) by intertwining the strands

2. to join up the trimmed ends of (two pieces of wire, film, magnetic tape, etc.) with solder or an adhesive material

3. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Forestry) to join (timbers) by overlapping and binding or bolting the ends together

4. (Transport / Nautical Terms) splice the mainbrace, Nautical history to issue and partake of an extra allocation of alcoholic spirits


1. (Miscellaneous Technologies / Knots) a join made by splicing

2. the place where such a join occurs [probably from Middle Dutch splissen; related to German spleissen, Swedish splitsa; see split]

  1. 3.A series of diptychs, randomly generated from photographs taken by the artists and manipulated by a program written specifically for the project.


Splice* is a multidisciplinary practice, composed of an indefinite number of sub-programs that operate simultaneously under the umbrella organization of Splice Corp.  Current Splice projects range from the curation and creation of art and architectural installations, to environmental and urban design with a sustainable priority.  Co-principals are Elizabeth Stevenson LEED AP and Kent Williams;  both members of the Fisch Haus artist collaborative.